The Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) is an independent organization that regulates safety standards and certification in many industries, including security. GlobalTech is certified to install alarm systems that are required to be maintained under the care and inspection service of the issuing alarm service company. A ULC Certificate indicates that the installation is inspected, tested, and maintained by the Listed alarm service company. It is essential that installing companies be listed and even more important to request that an individual system is certificated and subject to ULC’s annual inspection process to assure code compliance.

A ULC certification confirms that the monitoring system has been inspected and tested and that it is currently maintained by the service provider. Installation companies for monitoring services are audited each year to verify their compliance with monitoring standards, as well as their competency, providing transparency for their clients.

ULC provides testing and certification in security alarm installation and monitoring, protective signaling systems (fire alarm panels & sprinklers), alarm response service, and fire alarm testing and inspection.

To adhere to the highest industry standards possible, GlobalTech Group has been a ULC-listed alarm service company since 2006 – a status that separates us from many other providers.

Visit the ULC Web site to learn more.