GlobalTech takes pride in providing complete, ground-up electrical installations, whether by design or design-build. From 2 story walk-ups to 30 story high rises, we are comfortable, proficient, and excel at completing any project on time and budget.

We are proud to offer:

  • Power Distribution
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Generator Installation
  • GroundWork
  • Raceway installations
  • Federal and Provincial institutional projects

Electrical Maintenance

Providing a wide array of electrical maintenance services: 

Parking Rail System

Connect To Any Power Source

Our CSA approved system is designed to work with the existing electrical service to your site, minimizing costs and setup time. We can provide generator power if required.

Fully Modular & Portable

Designed for endless additions, expansion of the system is never an issue. The system is mobile and reused as many times as needed, making it a cost-effective solution for any site – temporary or permanent. Most systems pay for themselves in one year compared to idling truck fuel costs.

Designed To Work

CDN is designed and manufactured by a team that understands the extremes of a Canadian winter. Pass-throughs built for pedestrians are wide enough for a skid steer to plow through when clearing snow. Plug-ins are at 45-degree angles to discourage snow buildup. LED lighting & cameras can be added for additional safety.

Return On Investment

Delivery Times & Installation: Turn six weeks of manual labor into hours of setup.
A True Turnkey Service: Wire the system to your power service and plug in your fleet.
Pays for itself in 1 year: Move and reuse as many times as you need, remove seasonally or leave in place for a permanent parking lot solution. The choice is yours!