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This is an internal communication to share information with our employees and celebrate our company’s success. 


1. This will be a quarterly newsletter to share upcoming events, Health & Safety Messages, and GlobalTech employee success stories

2. This Newsletter will be sent as an email to our employees, and it will also be available as a printed copy at the main GlobalTech office. This Newsletter will NOT be distributed outside of the company.

3. If you have any messages you want to include in the next issue of GT News, please contact Meagan Kissel in the Marketing department. 

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GlobalTech Employee BBQ 2021

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A Message from Blaine

GlobalTech Family,

As the new year is upon us, I thank you all for your support and dedication, especially to those who burned the night oil and got things done. You went the extra mile on countless instances, and I can’t thank you enough for it.

I wish you the best.

Blaine Kemp

Happy New Year from GlobalTech

Health & Safety Update

Incident Review

This year, two incidents have been reported involving property damage resulting in minor damages to a single-vehicle due to the icy road conditions.

It is important to drive according to the road conditions and with caution. Slow down, allow for extra travel time, and always stay alert.

Near Miss Definition

An unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage – but had the potential to do so.

Reporting near-miss incidents can significantly improve worker safety and enhance an organization’s safety culture by allowing changes to be implemented to prevent future incidents and injuries from occurring.

Masking Update

As the Government of Alberta moves to stage 2 of the reopening plan and with the City of Edmonton continuing its masking bylaw, it has created much confusion. It is important to remember that wearing a mask can help reduce your risk of infection and help protect others from being exposed to your germs.

As indicated in the Temporary Mandatory Face Coverings bylaw, masking requirements within Edmonton’s indoor public places and public vehicles continue to remain in place until further action is taken.

Outside of Edmonton, the Government of Alberta requires masking in high-risk settings across the province, including public transit, at AHS-operated and contracted facilities, and all continuing care facilities.

What do these changes mean to the GlobalTech Team?

*Masks are still required on all AHS projects, including continuing care facilities throughout Alberta.

*Continuous masking must be followed for up to 5 days following mandatory isolation due to COVID infection for vaccinated individuals throughout Alberta.

*Masks must be worn in all Edmonton indoor public spaces, including the main office, service office, and company vehicles.

Additionally, remember to practice good hand and respiratory hygiene and stay home when you are sick.

Employee Appreciation

Adam Hughes would like to recognize Josh Moore and Fraser Hiebert as the GlobalTech Men of the Month

“They have shown genuine commitment and understanding at the DND site. It hasn’t been an easy run for them, and they have shown the client how things can be smoothed out in a messy situation. 

Due to their commitment, they were able to finish each building on time. With the help and support of our other GT family members, we have become the first successful company to complete a fire alarm project on this site without major incidents.”

Thank you, Josh & Fraser, for great work! 

Thank You from GlobalTech

The GlobalTech Store

For the Winter 2022 Season, we are opening the GlobalTech Store. 

From March 7 – to April 15, you can log into the GlobalTech Store and purchase some of your favorite GlobalTech promo items online. 

Apply the PROMO Code GTGWINTER22 to your order to receive 50% off, up to $300.00. 

*Please note that this PROMO code can only be used once for this store

Once the store closes, your orders will be processed. When GlobalTech receives your orders, you will be contacted to pick them up. 

Staff Appreciation

BIG THANKS to our office staff who work tirelessly to
ensure that:

  • bids are won so we have work
  • projects are managed and coordinated
  • materials are ordered and well-organized
  • we get paid every two weeks
  • we remain safe and healthy while on the job
  • we provide top-notch customer service to clients
  • we have sweet promo swag and a social media presence!
GlobalTech Office Sign

Best Wishes for Brian

Thank you Brian!

At the end of February, we said farewell to our Chief Financial Officer of the last seven years, Brian Robertson. 

Brian, we have learned a lot from you during your time here. We wish you all the success for the future and we know you will rock in that new position.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you around. 

The Beard Off

The Roozen Beard Off fundraiser has come to a close. Brian thanks everyone for following along and for supporting the cause.

Brian’s family surpassed their goal of raising $16,000.00. They wanted to share their powerful experience at the Roozen Family Hospice Centre, where their mother spent the last 32 days of her wonderful life.

Brian explained, “Our mom was given the most wonderful and compassionate care while at the Roozen, and we want to do our part to pass on our thanks and ensure that many more families can have the end of life care that our family received.”

You can learn more about the fundraiser and Brian’s Family’s story here:

Movember 2021 - Meet Team GlobeMOTech

This year team #Globemotech raised $2,417.00 in support of Movember. Our team grew some impressive mustaches, and we all had a lot of laughs along the way

THANK YOU to all who PARTICIPATED and for those who DONATED!!

Next year we will be back bigger and better, and we look forward to having everyone join in.

Here are a few hilarious photos for you to enjoy.

Thank you.