Introducing the GlobalTech Customer Newsletter

Hello Valued Customer, 

We will be sending out a quarterly e-newsletter to inform you of the measures GlobalTech is taking to improve our service team and provide you with interesting facts that will be informative for you and your own clients.

GlobalTech would like to thank all our dedicated clients for their patience and respect through the many years we have had the opportunity to work together with you.

GlobalTech Staff Photo
GlobalTech Employee BBQ 2021

New in the GlobalTech Service Department

Employee Uniforms

The GlobalTech staff will be wearing GlobalTech uniforms.
This is how they can be identified onsite.

We are proud of our kind and professional staff. 

GlobalTech Work Shirt
GlobalTech Work Pants

Notification Signage

GlobalTech will use signage specific to the onsite processes for all tenants to see, providing an onsite notice to fire departments as well as site monitoring.

GlobalTech coordinates onsite tasks with site staff and is happy to cooperate with site resident alerts.
GlobalTech A-Frame Sign

Continuous Development

GlobalTech's NEW Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Division

(10 Years Experience)

Services provided:

  • Semi and annual kitchen inspections (following all manufacture specifications and NFPA requirements)
  • Site inspection/service of ABC and wet chemical extinguishers
  • Site inspection/service of emergency lighting 
  • Quoting
  • Healthy and safety (cleaning of work areas and wearing a mask)
  • Alberta wide service
  • Providing reports, invoicing, and certificates
Fire Kitchen Suppression System
Fire Protection Services

GlobalTech continues to improve our Service Department by training our employees across multiple platforms.

We are putting our focus on the following items, enhancing our teams knowledge for numerous makes and models for maximum coverage regarding:

  • Fire alarm 
  • Emergency lights
  • Extinguishers
  • Low voltage systems (cameras, intercom, and access control)
  • Sprinkler, fire pump, and mechanical testing
  • Monitoring (burglary and fire)
  • Electrical installation and retrofitting
  • Design-build

Interesting Facts

Did you Know!?

As per CAN/ULC-S536 Subsection 6.7.4

The requirements for annual smoke detector sensitivity testing and inspection are as follows.

Smoke detectors, other than those which are automatically tested by the fire alarm system, shall be:

  1. Replaced within ten years of their manufacturer date with a smoke detector listed for use with the fire alarm system and appropriate for the location.


  2. From the time they reach ten years of age and onward, they are required to be tested annually for sensitivity in conformance with the methods prescribed.

Subsection 6.7.4 of CAN/ULC-S536 “inspections and testing of fire alarm system.

smoke detector of fire alarm in action

What does this mean?!

Proactive vs Reactive

A technician will identify if a detector requires additional maintenance when a device has reached the ten-year or older time frame, or if it is to be replaced.

This focus on pre-emptive maintenance will lower or remove the random failing of devices altogether, reducing expensive overnight service calls and disruptions, false alarms, and annoyed residents.

Supply Chain Wait Times and Concerns

Thank you for your continued patience while waiting for supplies to arrive. The protests and supply chain issues have caused major waves in the marketplace.

Globaltech has recently observed high demand for typically readily available parts. This has led to increased prices and wait times. We are working to secure as much product as possible to continue to provide service in a timely manner. However, special order materials and items will take time to be received. Our suppliers do their best to keep agreed-upon costs and timelines, but these are challenging times, and it is hard to guarantee any parts. 


Please know we are always doing our best to keep everyone informed and aware of the ever-changing marketplace.

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